Ahead of the Curve: Capitalizing on Ambition and Innovation in Africa

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African nations are now preparing for the next phase in their growth as the continent’s economies expand, populations continue to increase and as governments become more focused on national planning and regional integration.  More importantly, the challenges posed by the volatile commodity prices and credit contractions continue to fade.  

The private sector in Africa is positioned more than ever to drive the continent’s overall growth, improve the prospects for African citizens and take advantage of the unique opportunities such a youthful and energetic community of nations offers.  In this context, we are organizing this conference – Ahead of the Curve: Capitalizing on Ambition and Innovation in Africa – to provide American investors and companies a better view onto these trends and opportunities in Africa.

Our goal for the conference is to help investors understand, participate in and capitalize on the investment opportunities being created by Sub-Saharan Africa’s ongoing growth. Just as important, we intend to highlight entrepreneurs and companies promoting the ongoing diversification of economies across the continent. 

We are bringing together investors, subject-matter experts and US public sector officials whose work supports private sector investment in Africa.  As well as entrepreneurs and private companies at the conference who will discuss innovative business models and unique products they are developing for the African markets.


Director – Africa
Export Import Bank of the United States

Director, Africa – Intl. Gov. Relation
Exxon Mobil Corporation

Managing Director
Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Welcome & Registration
08:00  -  09:00
Conference Co-Chairs' Welcome Introduction
09:00  -  09:05
Opening Remarks
09:05  -  09:15
Sponsored Keynote
09:15  -  09:30
The reality on the ground: Attracting capital, sourcing transactions
09:30  -  10:15
US Public Sector Engagment in Africa
10:15  -  11:00
Networking break
11:00  -  11:15
Financing Private Sector Growth
11:15  -  12:00
Networking lunch
12:00  -  13:15
Quick Break
13:15  -  13:30
Managing Risks
13:30  -  14:15
Sponsored Keynote
14:15  -  14:30
Networking break
14:30  -  15:00
Deal Environments
15:00  -  15:45
Deal Discussions
16:00  -  16:45
Co-Chairs' summary and close of Forum
17:00  -  17:10
Cocktail reception
17:10  -  19:00


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